Our Story


As a mom to two autistic boys and someone who is autistic herself, Founder Bekah McClelland knows all about the intense challenges that uncomfortable tags and coarse fabrics can create for those with sensory sensitivities. It was during another hectic morning further complicated by tag-induced chaos that she decided she'd had enough. With a snip of her well-worn scissors, she removed the tag from one more of her son's shirts, managed to conquer the extra-frenzied school drop-off scramble, and vowed to find a solution.

After countless hours of research, a ton of experimentation, and some sheer serendipity, My Favorite T was born. Made with 100% ring-spun cotton specially treated for maximum softness to make you feel totally comfy, our tees feature creative, fun, and inspiring designs - something you won't find with other sensory-friendly apparel.

But My Favorite T is about much more than soft, tagless fabrics and unique artwork; it's about saying, "Hey, we get you because we are you, and we have something that can help." It's about living by a "nothing is impossible" attitude. And it's about overcoming whatever adversities come your way. 

The pathway that led Bekah to launch My Favorite T was filled with adversities and setbacks that included an intense legal battle with her son's school, a sacrificial relocation, and an overwhelming business rebuild. What got her through was her unshakable devotion to her boys, her unwavering determination, and her bold resilience. It's this passion - this need to make a positive difference - that's at the heart of the My Favorite T brand.

Creativity with Purpose

My Favorite T thrives on the boundless imagination and creativity of Founder Bekah McClelland. Her unique synesthetic abilities that enable her to associate numbers, letters, shapes and even days of the month with certain colors add depth and a distinctive dimension to all her creations. Delicately printed on tees with a soft ink process, each design offers a window into her world - her experiences, ideas, dreams, and mission to spread joy and support for all those with sensory sensitivities - one tee at a time.

Taking a Stand for the Autism Community

At My Favorite T, we honor and celebrate the autism community by recognizing our uniqueness and fostering an environment of acceptance and understanding. We don't just support the community from afar; we actively contribute to making a difference. In addition to supporting acceptance, we are committed to empowering autistic individuals through purpose-driven, tangible products, inspiring and actionable content, and collaborative partnerships.

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Explore our monthly blog series, where we tackle issues close to the hearts of autistic people. Discover practical tips, inspiring stories, and valuable perspectives aimed at helping you live a better, more fulfilling life.

Our Values

Creativity: At My Favorite T, we believe that creativity fuels innovation and drives progress. It's the spark that ignites new ideas, transforms challenges into opportunities, and inspires meaningful change. Our tees are more than just sensory-friendly clothing - they're canvases of expression that push the boundaries of what's possible, providing a creative solution to those that need it.

Integrity: Integrity is the cornerstone of My Favorite T. Our brand is built on honesty, transparency, and authenticity. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions and are committed to staying true to our values. Through unwavering integrity, we strive to foster trust and loyalty within our community, ensuring that every interaction reflects our dedication to ethical conduct and genuine relationships.

Community: Rooted in connections, support, and inclusivity, the community we have created is a space where everyone can feel seen, heard, and valued. Our goal is to offer a safe place where autistic people and those with sensory sensitivities feel welcome and understood, and where our collective efforts are used to create positive change and uplift one another.

Empathy: We understand the challenges of navigating a world that doesn't always accommodate uniqueness. That's why we're dedicated to building bridges of compassion, cultivating meaningful relationships, and creating a more empathetic community through our resources, content, and collaborations.

Our Mission

My Favorite T exists to offer tales, soft, and uniquely designed t-shirts for those who have strong sensitivities to tags and scratchy fabrics - and for those who just like being in cozy, creative, wearable clothes.

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